Tuesday, 3 October 2017

YRC Proposed Administration Costs 
- What Does it All Mean? -

If YRC becomes a reality, the 8 different property tax rates that now exist in the partnering LSDs will stay as is.  That means that residents will still only pay for the local services that they now receive.   Tax rates will not be blended.   If you do not pay for street lights now, you will not start paying for street lights if YRC happens.

But administration of local services costs money.  All residents in the YRC Project area pay that cost now to the Department of Environment and Local Government.  If YRC happens, residents will pay the cost to Council instead.  

Administration cost decisions would be the work of Council. 

Mayor and Councillors would be volunteers who would be given an honorarium to cover their expenses (no salaries...no pensions) from a proposed annual pool of $50,000.

Full-time Staff (a general manager and a clerk/treasurer) would receive a salary and benefits from a proposed annual pool of $135,000.

The tax base for the proposed YRC would be approximately 
$ 647.5 million dollars! 

Lower Kingsclear (looking towards Crock's Point and Douglas)

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