Thursday, 12 October 2017

Land Use Regulations in the Proposed YRC

Question:  We live in the country so why would we want to have someone telling us how we can use our land?  

Answer:  For the last decade or so, residents of the YRC Project area have been working together to create land use plans for their Local Service Districts.  In each LSD, committees of volunteers have met with planners from the Department of Environment and Local Government and the Regional Service Commission 11 (RSC 11), to develop rural plans.  The committees had a variety of objectives for the plans.  For example, in the Lower Douglas/Carlisle Road area of Douglas LSD:   

OBJECTIVES OF THE RURAL PLAN:  The residents of the Douglas Planning Area wish to take measures to conserve the residential character of the area and to ensure sound management of the environment. There is considerable pressure toward development in this area because of its attractive scenery and its proximity to the City of Fredericton. There is a need to protect the rural character of the area and the quality of life of its residents.



The rural plans for the partnering LSDs in the YRC Project are available at RSC 11, 860 Prospect St, Fredericton:  Phone 506-453-2956

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