Thursday, 14 September 2017

Is YRC Too Big?

Question:  Is YRC too big?

Answer:  The large size of YRC is primarily because of the size of the LSDs of Douglas and Bright.  Most of that area is uninhabited woodland.  There would be no need for taxes to be spent by a YRC Council to provide services to those areas. 

Most of the population of York Rural Community lives in the horseshoe area around the City of Fredericton.  In fact, the distance between one side of Fredericton (at the boundary with Lincoln) to the other side of Fredericton (at the boundary at Silverwood) is about 22 kilometers.  If you drove that far from the City limits in to York RC, you would go through the rural community’s populated area and be in rural areas and/or woodland, in just about every direction.  But that is New has lots of forest and uninhabited land.  

That has never been an issue for residents of the LSDs of Douglas and Bright.  Those residents there have always shared the cost of providing services to all of the people who live there.  That will be the case with YRC...a non-issue.  There could even be benefits in the sense of potential resource development in the vast northern parts of YRC.  YRC isn’t too big.

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