Friday, 18 August 2017

Round 3 Public Consultation - Riverside Resort, August 10, 2017

"The proposal is to share a small local government among many small rural communities, not to build a town."

I attended the YRC meeting at the Riverside Resort in Kingsclear on August 10th.   I'm glad there are some other posts on the blog that address most of the concerns but obviously many the speakers did not read them.  I was disappointed to hear Kingsclear LSD residents express feelings that the Saint John river should be a barrier to sharing a local government.  

I live in Keswick Ridge and I have 3 co-workers living elsewhere in the proposed YRC.  
- My co-worker living on the Vesey Rd (Lower Kingclear) and I shared a 14 cord load of tree-length firewood this spring.  We also travel the same road to Fredericton for work and shopping daily.  He also drives past my house regularly when travelling to Green Hill Lake Camp.  I even stop by his house to pick kale from his garden on the way home from work a couple times each summer.
- My co-worker who lives off the Mazerolle Sett. Rd takes his kids to hockey at the Keswick Valley arena and hopefully my kids will grow up travelling to that arena for hockey too.  We also both grew up in rural areas up-river.
- My co-worker who lives off the Carlisle Rd. He almost never crosses the dam and we never travel past each other’s house.  I feel I have the fewest community-type ties to this "fellow north-sider." 
- We all want to live in a rural setting and avoid municipal/local government waste of our property taxes though.

North-side councilors won't band together to make this a bad deal for the Kingsclear LSD because all 7 councilors will represent many different large rural areas that are many kilometres away from each other and will have to work together to split up any development money.  There won't be a central hub of power, money, and development somewhere in Keswick or wherever it is being imagined.  The proposal is to share a small local government among many small rural communities, not to build a town.

If any of the 4 new rural community local governments form in our area (YRC, Nackawic-Millville, Harvey-etc, and Nashwaak River), hopefully the boundaries will be tweaked to best group the communities, including modifying Hanwell's boundaries.  Unfortunately, it seems not much is known about how that would happen.

Garth Christie,
Keswick Ridge

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