Thursday, 3 August 2017

"...I am still not convinced that the rural community model is the best model. "


I listened to the interview on the CBC radio earlier this week where it was suggested that anyone opposed to the York Rural Community concept had not read the feasibility study.  In other words, Mr. Coburn suggested that if you do not agree with the rural community concept being put forth by the committee, you are ill informed.  Rubbish!

One resident (Eddie MacKinnon) responded to the CBC interview and the comments made by Mr. Coburn.  In his “Tweet” to CBC Radio, Mr. MacKinnon indicated that he had read the document in question and he added “did not like what I have read!” and concluded with hashtags:  #onesideonly #FakeNews and #steering.  Like Mr. MacKinnon I take exception to the comment made by Mr. Coburn as he indicated that only people that were “not informed” and/or had not read the Feasibility Study disagree with the rural community concept being proposed by the steering committee.  Like Mr. MacKinnon, I have read the feasibility study (in my case three times), I have also attended three of the public meetings and I am still not convinced that the rural community model is the best model.  I am also of the opinion that the feasibility study was one sided and did not explore all options in a way that would allow residents to consider more than one model being put forward by the steering committee.

By reading the feasibility study one can quickly see that the steering committee is truly making an attempt at steering the ship to one conclusion and one conclusion only, however having a dissenting opinion does not mean that we are ill informed or unread.   

Frank LeBlanc
Tay Creek

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