Friday, 28 July 2017

Review of YRC Feasibility Study Process

"No one can say those against it and those for it have not been given an opportunity to get their side out. ALL are good friends and neighbours that have a vision of where we should go as a community." Carl Urquhart, MLA

The YRC Project Feasibility Study has included many public engagement, education and consultation options for residents to choose from including:

Four neighbourhood meetings in border areas and three rounds of public consultation (10 sessions) totaling 14 meetings to engage public discussion. 

Two open house sessions for discussion with Business owners/workers.

Project information and resident input sent/received via website, email, blog, mail, press releases.


- a summary of proposed options for residents to consider (released to residents June 23)
- preliminary feasibility study report (released to residents June 30)
- draft final feasibility study report (to be released to residents July 31)
- final feasibility study report to be delivered to the Minister August 17 (and released to residents August 18)

If we add the meetings from the initial assessment phase of the Project, there have now been 26 public consultations about the proposed YRC as well as the associated questionnaires, flyers and mail-outs.  

Lower Queensbury

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