Sunday, 16 July 2017

An Excerpt from the YRC Project Preliminary Report...

The St. John River at Upper Kingsclear

The communities where New Brunswickers live, work, play and call home have two broad categories of governance. 
First, there are areas in the province with locally elected and administered government (i.e. cities, towns, villages and rural communities).  The Municipalities Act is the main piece of legislation that governs the powers, responsibilities and operations of these local governments. Overall, a local government is an incorporated community that:
  • governs itself
  • provides residents with the opportunity to choose representatives (i.e. a council) who will make decisions that reflect and respond to their views and concerns
  • identifies and reviews service needs and align service delivery with what residents, businesses and organizations want, need and are willing to pay for
Second, there are areas in the province without locally elected and administered government (i.e. LSDs).  A LSD is an unincorporated area comprised of one or more communities that is managed by the Minister of Environment and Local Government.

(taken from page 12 of the YRC Project Preliminary Feasibility Study report.  For more details on incorportated and unincorporated areas, please consult the report at

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