Saturday, 24 June 2017

Considering the Staff Make-up of the Proposed YRC

The steering committee of the YRC Project is required to make a recommendation to the Minister of the Department of Environment and Local Government about the staff make-up of the proposed YRC.  At this point in the preliminary feasibility study for the Project, the steering committee is proposing the hiring of a fill time general manager and a full time clerk treasurer.

This staff make-up is based on the steering committee's belief that the proposed YRC Council should have an oversight role to play.  The staff should be directed by the Council to do the work of managing the rural community.

A clerk treasurer is a mandatory staff position for a new rural community whereas a general manager position is not mandatory. However, the steering committee believes that a general manager would be a vital employee and is now asking for input from residents of the Project area on the matter.

Please contact us with your opinion or tell us what it is when you attend Round 2 Public Consultation Open Houses.  We need your input!

Round 2 Public Consultation
(Open House Sessions 7 – 9 pm)

July 11 – Riverside Resort, 35 Mactaquac Road, French Village, NB

July 12 – Keswick Valley Recreation Centre, 1262 Route 104, Burtts Corner, NB

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