Wednesday, 21 June 2017

An Invitation to Businesses in the Proposed YRC

The YRC Business Consultation sub-committee has been given the task of contacting businesses in the study area to ask for advice, comments, concerns and questions from owners/operators/workers about the potential impacts of the YRC on the business community.  
We want to hear from you!
These are facts to consider at this time:

1. A Rural Community could promote cost efficiencies and joint decision making by all partners. 
2. YRC Council must take on a minimum of three services:  Administration; Emergency Measures; Community Planning Services.  Other services such as Dog Control or Garbage Collection would be taken on if cost-advantageous.  Remaining services will continue to be provided by the Province. 
3. Land use regulations should not change to any degree in YRC for existing businesses because land use plans are already in place for 4 of the 5 partnering LSDs.  These would be rolled in to the rural plan that the YRC would have to put in place within two years of incorporation.    
4. Department of Transportation and Infrastructure would continue to look after the roads but YRC Council could have input on road infrastructure.

What could the proposed YRC do that the Local Service Districts can’t do?

a. Receive dedicated access to federal Gas Tax Funding that is paid by residents of an unincorporated area so that it could be used for infrastructure improvements in the local area.
b. Access Federal and Provincial Funding programs.
c. Be involved in discussions regarding larger projects such as Sisson Mine and the Mactaquac Project.
d. Have local voices heard.

Members of the business community in the proposed YRC, might ask, “Is this just another level of Government or are we transferring decision making about businesses from the Province to elected representatives who live and work in YRC?”  

We are asking for your help with finding the answer to that question.  What do you need to know about operating your business in the proposed YRC?

Please join us at the Round 2 Public Consultation Open Houses on July 11 (Riverside Resort, 35 Mactaquac Road, French Village) and/or July 12 (Keswick Valley Recreation Centre 1262 Route 104, Burtts Corner).  Come share your opinions of a rural community model of local service delivery.  Take part in a discussion about tax rates, Council’s ability to make decisions with input from the local business community, land-use planning that supports businesses, the way businesses would be considered in the rural plan for YRC, the services your business could expect to receive etc.  For more information please contact

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