Wednesday, 3 May 2017

York Rural Community and Your Business  

Dear Business Owner/Operator,

Over the next several months, a feasibility study is being conducted to look into the pros and cons of creating the proposed York Rural Community (YRC) which would be an amalgamation of the area within the Local Service Districts (LSDs) of Keswick Ridge, Kingsclear, Douglas, Bright and Queensbury (Lower Queensbury).  The YRC Steering Committee, made up of LSD Advisory Committee members, business owners and local residents, is working with staff from the Department of Environment Local Government to complete the study. 

The YRC Business Consultation sub-committee has been given the task of contacting businesses in the study area to ask for advice, comments, concerns and questions from owners/operators/workers about the potential impacts of the YRC on the business community.  
We want to hear from you!  

Please join us at an Open House for the YRC Business Community.  Come share your opinions of a Rural Community model of local service delivery.  Take part in a discussion about tax rates, Council’s ability to make decisions with input from the local business community, land-use planning that supports businesses, the way businesses would be considered in the rural plan for YRC, the services your business could expect to receive etc. 

Date:  May 4, 2017
Location:  Keswick Ridge Community Centre
86 Route 616, Keswick Ridge, NB
Time:  5 - 7 pm

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