Thursday, 18 May 2017

Where do my taxes go now? Where will they go with a Rural Community?
This is a big topic so we'll first talk about where taxes go now in the LSD model of local services delivery. In an upcoming post we will discuss the RC aspect.

Current tax rates consist of Provincial services (Road maintenance) + SNB services (assessment) + LSD local services (Administration, rural planning, fire protection, policing, dog control, recreation, solid waste, etc).

At this time, there are 8 different LSD tax rates in the proposed YRC Project area ranging from $0.4030 to $0.5821. Combined with taxes that cover the cost of GNB services ($0.4115) and of SNB services ($0.0194), that gives a range of total tax rates in the YRC Project area of $0.8389 to $1.0130 per $100 of assessment.

In the LSD model of local services delivery, all rates are set by the provincial government. Decisions on the LSD portion are made by the Department of Environment and Local Government with no guarantee residents will have input on the decision. An LSD does not have a bank account and cannot save funds from year to year.

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