Tuesday, 16 May 2017

"This River is a vital part of all communities..."

In 1979 the dream of Burris Coburn was fulfilled.   He wanted a roadside market and property in Island View was the selected site with the Trans-Canada Highway passing by.  The Coburn Farm was on Keswick Ridge.  Many friends were made during the 19 years.  Neighbours worked for us and also watched the property when we were closed. To this day we still have our friends tell us they wished we were still in business.    

We started out with produce, dairy and bakery products and ice cream and grew to include year round Christmas Centre, greenhouse and distributor of Vesey Seeds.  We were known for the large ice cream cones.

Coburn’s Garden Patch, known as the Big Apple to some and The Patch to others served the surrounding communities, which are included in the proposed area of the York Rural Community.  Yes the St. John River separates the South from the North but this River is a vital part of all communities.  It is beautiful but also a wonderful playground for summer and winter activities.  

I am looking forward to the benefits of being a Rural Community.  The gas tax dollars will be appreciated with improvements to recreation, warming facilities possibly.    Listen to the video clip of Doug Munn, mayor of Miramachi Rural Community, they have put their gas tax dollars to great use and we could as well when we form a Rural Community.

 Jean Coburn

Coburn's Garden Patch - Island View, Kingsclear LSD
(photo submitted by Jean Coburn)

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