Wednesday, 10 May 2017

There Was a Full House in Bright...

Round 1 Public Consultation - Mactaquac Provincial Park Lodge in Bright LSD
The last meeting of Round 1 Public Consultations took place last night (May 9, 2017) at the Mactaquac Provincial Park Lodge in Bright LSD.  There was an overflow crowd present made up of interested residents from all parts of the YRC Project area.  

The presentation was delivered by Dr. Don Floyd from Lower Queensbury.  The question and answer session focused on matters such as the desire to bring decision making authority back to our local residents, whether or not there is any value to having "another layer" government, what a dedicated access to gas tax funding involves, the makeup of a rural community council, whether roads will be improved if a Rural Community is formed, the implications of a larger tax base, the way businesses can be involved in the Project, the way owners of seasonal properties can provide input to the Project etc.  

Meeting attendees were reminded that the Feasibility Study for the YRC Project will compile the facts about all of these aspects of changing from a Local Service District to a Rural Community model of delivering local services to the people in the YRC Project area.  

Public participation is vital to the Project's outcome.  The Steering Committee is asking all area residents to take the time to consult the Project website and to provide their email contact information so that they can be sent regular Project updates.  Residents who are interested in making a public comment about the Project are welcome to do so by posting to the Project blog (send them to

The Preliminary report for the YRC Project Feasibility Study will be released on June 30.  Then the Round 2 Public Consultation will begin.  Stay tuned.  Consult the Project website often.

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