Friday, 26 May 2017

Providing Local Services at a Cost Within Our Means..

The YRC Project Steering Committee is working with staff at the Department of Environment and Local Government and planners at Regional Service Commission 11 to assemble the facts and figures about the feasibility of forming York Rural Community. 

As we work, we are keeping the following quote in mind because it describes one of the Project's main goals - the cost effective and efficient delivery of local services.  

"A local government needs a geographic, demographic and financial base appropriate for carrying out its assigned responsibilities. This means that the geography and population it serves must be sufficient to allow for cost effective service, organization and delivery. It also means that it should be able to provide services largely within its own tax capacity. "  

The Finn Report on the Future of Local Governance in NB (2008, p. 15)

The Keswick Flats are in the YRC Project Area

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