Monday, 15 May 2017

Here is what I do not understand about Kingsclear LSD...

Upper Kingsclear Fire Department and Community Centre in Kingsclear LSD

A participant at one of the Round 1 Public Consultation sessions added the following comment to the questionnaire that they submitted at the end of the meeting:  "I understand everything except why residents of Kingsclear were not asked whether they agree to be included or not."  

To help clarify for themselves how Kingsclear LSD (KLSD) became one of the partners in the YRC Project, we recommend that KLSD residents review the Power Point presentation that was given by the KLSD Advisory Committee at three public meetings back in May, 2016 (it has been uploaded to the YRC Project website under the Archives section and it is on the KLSD website - 

At each of those three public meetings KLSD residents were given an update on their 2016 budget. They were also given an update on the community restructuring options that were being studied by the KLSD Advisory Committee members at the time.  One of those options was the YRC Project.  

After the KLSD Advisory Committee members first introduced the YRC Project, and all through the summer of 2016, Kingsclear LSD residents were given the opportunity to sign a petition which asked the Minister of Local Government to allow the LSDs of Kingsclear, Keswick Ridge and Douglas along with parts of Bright and Queensbury LSDs to explore the concept of York Rural Community through a feasibility study. 

There were 450 signatures on the petition before it was submitted to the Minister in early October, 2016 (only 125 were needed - 25 per partnering LSD).  Of the 450 signatures, 96 were from Kingsclear LSD residents including all five members of the KLSD Advisory Committee. 

That is how Kingsclear LSD became part of the YRC Project. Residents were indeed asked and more than the required number agreed that it was appropriate to explore the idea of York Rural Community through a feasibility study.  

The study is ongoing and the KLSD Advisory Committee members who now volunteer on the YRC Project steering committee invite all KLSD residents to participate by attending meetings and/or submitting their comments, advice, concerns or suggestions.

Debby Peck
KLSD Advisory Committee Chair 

Island View in Kingsclear LSD

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