Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Comment from Douglas LSD resident on results of plebiscite vote...

Please post the following to your blog on my behalf as I do not have a computer or internet service where I live in my LSD. 

The following article from the Times Transcript clearly shows that there are some communities that see past the propaganda put forth by DELG and the YRC Project Steering Committee, not everyone drinks the cool-aid.

Frank LeBlanc
Tay Creek NB

Acadian Peninsula residents overwhelmingly reject amalgamation
  • Times & Transcript
  • Tue May 16 2017
  • Page: A4
Voters in the Acadian Peninsula have overwhelmingly rejected amalgamation of their communities.

Voters in 10 local service districts in the Lameque-Miscou region on the Acadian Peninsula voted in the plebiscite on Monday to decide whether to merge with two neighbouring communities to form a new rural community.

A total of 1,600 ballots were cast against amalgamation, with 725 cast in favour of the move.
The communities in the plebiscite included: Cap-Bateau, Coteau Road, Haut-Lamèque, Miscou Island, Ste-Cecile, Petite-Lamèque, Pigeon Hill, Pointe-Alexandre, Pointe-Canot, the parish of Shippagan, the village of Sainte-Marie-Saint-Raphaël and the Town of Lamèque.

Voter turnout was 74 per cent, according to the Elections New Brunswick website.

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