Tuesday, 18 April 2017

YRC Would Quality to Receive Gas Tax Funding for Projects Throughout the Rural Community

The Gas Tax Fund offers a flexible approach to infrastructure financing. Municipalities receive funding up front twice a year through provincial and territorial governments or the municipal associations designated to deliver funding in the province. Communities choose projects locally and prioritize them according to their needs. 

Smaller municipalities with limited capital infrastructure budgets particularly benefit because funding is delivered before money is spent. This reliable, up-front funding provides greater certainty for municipalities to plan and carry out large-scale projects.

Funds can also be pooled, banked and borrowed against, providing significant financial flexibility. As a result, up to 2012, municipalities earned more than $88 million in interest, an additional sum that can be used to fund local infrastructure renewal.

The Keswick River during the 2017 spring freshet in Bright LSD

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