Monday, 24 April 2017

"We need to attract and keep young families..."

We need to attract and then keep young families in all of our communities here in Kingsclear Local Service District.  These new residents, when searching to  locate in communities, are looking for places which are progressive and that have safe and enjoyable recreational facilities for their children.   

At present KLSD does not have a school and our recreational facilities are minimal.  This is not because we have not had dedicated volunteers who have made great efforts in the past to build and maintain the community park in Upper Kingsclear.  But there is no longer a Recreation Council to manage that park and without having such a resources and/or a staff (volunteer or paid through grants) to promote the maintenance and development of this facility or any new facilities we will struggle to attract new residents to contribute to our community. Depending on volunteers to do this is proving difficult.  Currently, KLSD is the only partner of the YRC Project that has had a decline in population since 2011.

Roger Cyr - Upper Kingsclear

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