Friday, 21 April 2017

The Keswick Islands as viewed from Island View
"It's An Important Conversation For Us To Have With Our Neighbours..."

My name is Katelynn Everett and I live in the Kingsclear LSD.  I’m an import to the area but my husband’s family has been farming here for over 200 years.

I must admit that I’m far more interested in the idea of rural communities (and specifically the York Rural Community) than I expected I would be.  It’s an important conversation for us to have with our neighbours, especially in the context of New Brunswick’s current struggles.  How we got to our current state is complicated, but ultimately, selfishness is a driving factor.  So often, we focus on what’s best for us as individuals without considering the impact it has on us as a community.   A rural community is a "greater good" approach to solving this problem.  By joining together with neighbouring areas, we can combine our resources and work together toward a community that will serve us all. 

I travel throughout New Brunswick frequently for work.  We have a beautiful, diverse province and I’m proud to be a New Brunswicker.  I see the York Rural Community and other rural community projects as an opportunity to preserve the best our province has to offer, while creating an environment of togetherness and community in which my future children may thrive. 

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