Friday, 14 April 2017

Campers enjoy the shoreline of the St. John River in Kingsclear Local Service District
Residents of Kingsclear Local Servie District should consider what will happen if a No Vote is given to YRC  and if the other LSDs in the YRC Project go forward as Hanwell did the last time.  

Does it mean KLSD will be allowed to continue to operate separately forever, or at some point down the road when another Village in our geographic area or the City of Fredericton decides that they want to expand, will the residents of KLSD continue to be able to opt out?

Because our base numbers for population and assessments will likely not meet all the minimums to be a separate Rural Community, The Minister will have the option to split up KLSD between the City of Fredericton and the surrounding area which are currently Rural Communities or are exploring becoming Rural Communities.  All of these communities have higher average tax rates than Kingsclear.  It is unlikely that these Municipalities will average down their tax rates.  It is more likely they will average up the KLSD tax rate.  

Being part of YRC,  which would be incorporated, will provide protection from forced amalgamation.  These questions need to be addressed and thought about by KLSD residents in order to determine if opting out is the best for KLSD.  

Roger Cyr 

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