Friday, 31 March 2017

What Happened When Boiestown LSD Became a Rural Community?
Mayor Doug Munn (Rural Community of Upper Miramichi)
"Because we were an LSD we couldn't say anything..." 
I want to thank Doug Munn (Mayor of Upper Miramichi RC) for taking the time to come down and talk to us about his experience. He was a NO VOTE at their plebiscite but is now clearly among the converted. Seeing the benefits for that area and all that they have accomplished in a short time was really inspiring. They actually have control over their future, they decide at a local level how their dollars are spent rather than some Minister in Fredericton. The significant investments in to recreational infrastructure, municipal building/community hall, emergency preparedness....all of this and his taxes never increased and has some money in the bank. I was encouraged to see 2 of the 3 Fire Departments in attendance to hear of major improvements to the fire service and to ask questions. The Upper Miramichi has way less people, way less tax base and are still very viable. They too had to overcome infighting, naysayers, people spreading fear ....but they did it and so can WE! Get informed and keep an open mind...way too many are still closed.

John-Michael McPhee, Bright LSD

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