Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Lower Queensbury and the YRC Project

As a member of the Citizen's Advisory Committee I would like to explain a few points to you. 

1.  The neighbourhood meetings are being held this month.  These are for the neighbourhoods that border on other Rural Community and have the option of going with YRC or another.
2.  In April, the public meetings begin.  These are for all the other areas.  Regardless of whether you are in favour of this endeavor or not, you NEED to attend at least one meeting and voice your opinion.
3.  At present, we believe the Minister is calling for a 50% plus 1 vote.  That means 50% plus 1 of those who voted, not of population.  Everyone in Lr Queensbury could vote "no" and we could still be forced into this rural community.  I am not expressing a preference, but I want you to understand that you need to make waves long before the plebiscite is imposed if you do not want LQ included in the YRC.  This will have impact on our lives and deserves careful thinking.

Barb Allen

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