Wednesday, 22 February 2017

York Rural Community Project Feasibility Study Work Timeline

At the February 6, 2017 meeting of the YRC Feasibility Study Steering Committee, a work timeline was approved for the various steps that are required in the process of creating a rural community in our project area.  The details  of that timeline are presented in the table below.  

Notice that the last step in the process is the first one presented in the table.  In other words, we are working backwards from our end goal which is the vote that citizens in the project area will be able to participate in this coming November.   

Proposed Work Timeline – YRC Project Feasibility Study (FS)

Study Component
Target Date (2017)

- Plebiscite

Late October - Early November

- Implementation of Get Out The Vote Campaign


- Public Meetings (Delivery of  Final Project Details Including the Vote Question)


- Minister’s Decision to Advance to Plebiscite
- Determination of the Vote Question and Process


- Final FS Report to the Minister

Late August

- Final FS Report Released to Public
- Development of Get Out the Vote Campaign

Late August

- Citizen Engagement (at summer events in project area communities) and Collection of Data


- Preliminary FS Report Released to Public

Early July

- Writing the Preliminary FS Report


- Collection of Data (sub-consultant and all sub-committees) via public consultation

February to end of May

- Committees Populated
Neighbourhood Meetings in Boundary area Communities

February to Early March

- Communication/Consultation Plan Development (Social Media/Website/Video Clips)
- Sub-consultant Contract Signed


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