Sunday, 19 February 2017

York Rural Community Project - The Communities Within the Proposed Boundary

The Communities Within the Proposed Boundary of York Rural Community

- The Starting Point - 

Every rural community project begins with a proposed boundary that includes a proposed number of communities.  During the project's feasibility study, public consultation events and activities are scheduled to get input from residents about the proposed boundary.  The consultation will provide residents with the information they need to make a decision to support or reject the rural community proposal.  Residents' input will be collected and shared with the Minister of the Department of Environment and Local Government.  The Minister makes the final decision about a rural community boundary.

The York Rural Community Project feasibility study has finally begun and the Project's steering committee is in the process of compiling the data about the Project area's existing economic, social, political, environmental and service frameworks.  Plans are in the works for multiple ways for residents to engage with the study and to voice their opinions.  Public meeting dates will be announced in the very near future.  

At the starting point in the feasibility study, the proposed boundary of the York Rural Community is illustrated in the map below.  The proposed boundary encompass the existing Keswick Ridge, Douglas and Kingsclear Local Service District areas as well as the Keswick Ridge Fire Department coverage areas in the LSDs of Bright and Queensbury.

The list of communities included in the proposed York Rural Community boundary are:

Carlisle Road
Upper Keswick
Burtts Corner 
Dorn Ridge
North Tay
Boyds Corner
Upper Stone Ridge
Lower Stone Ridge
Jones Forks
Tay Creek​
Tay Mills
MacLean Settlement 
Pughs Crossing 
Lower Queensbury
Brewers Mills
Jewetts Mills
Scotch Settlement
Scotch Lake
Keswick Flats 
Longs Creek
Upper Kingsclear
Mazerolle Settlement
Ludford Subdivision
Lower Kingsclear
French Village
Oswald Gray Subdivision
Island View 
Crocks Point
Cally Ann
Keswick Ridge
Tripp Settlement 
Sisson Settlement 

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