Saturday, 25 February 2017

Why Are We Considering Becoming a Rural Community?

The snowmobile crossing over the St. John River, between French Village and Mactaquac Provincial Park

The York Rural Community Project began only after the elected Advisory Committee members in the Project's partnering Local Service Districts looked long and hard at the options for maintaining viable communities in our area in the future. 

The following quote from the New Brunswick Department of Environment and Local Government summarizes why the York Rural Community Project steering committee decided to look at the pros and cons of moving to a form of local government with local decision making power (i.e a Rural Community).   

"As community leaders look at current financial and economic realities, consider resident and business group interests, and reflect on the future, restructuring is increasingly a topic of discussion. This is perhaps because while some of our communities are prospering, others are facing the challenges of increasing service requests (e.g. rec centres, arenas), aging infrastructure, decreasing population, and financial pressures.  Regardless of the reason, communicating and collaborating with neighbouring communities, including giving consideration to community restructuring, can be worthwhile."

Eagle's Ledge in Upper Kingsclear

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