Monday, 20 February 2017

Public Feedback About the YRC (IV)

During the public meetings that were part of the initial assessment phase of the YRC Project, participants were asked to complete a questionnaire.  The responses to those questions are listed in earlier posts on this blog (scroll down to read them).

After the last question on the questionnaire, there was space to add additional comments.  Those comments are listed below.  

- Bear Island Hall and Cemetery should service all of Bear Island. All of Bear Island should be included - not excluding any part.

- Poor roads need to be addressed as a group and this type of community group would be an asset toward betterment of their state.

- The steering committee members are taking on a huge task as volunteers. They should be able to look forward to the cooperation of residents and they should be thanked for all they are doing.

- I  work at St. Thomas University and would like to help connect this group with researchers who can give you helpful resources and data.  Ex. Canada        Research Chair in Rural Social Justice and Canada Research Chair in Environmental Sustainability.

- Suggest that you create a mechanism for citizens to identify how they can help the process – what competencies are they willing to contribute eg. Communications expertise.  The more citizens that we can mobilize to contribute, the more engagement we will get in the process (increase skin in the game). Thank you for taking this project forward on our behalf!

- How can the residents help? Have you lobbied service groups? (Lions Club, rink, churches etc)?

- Have been very satisfied with Douglas LSD over the 35 years I have lived off the Carlisle Rd.  

-  Does the York Rural Community have a website of their own that a person can go onto and wee what is happening?  When there is a holiday in the states, communities will decorate.  I get the impression here that we are just lazy.  For years property tax went up and the gov’t didn’t do much for this area.  Plow the road in the winter.  We do have to pay for health care.    

- Informative session

- Kingslear agrees.  Last time not enough one on one contact with citizens was made at that time.  Not many attended meetings.

- Suspect there will be challenge in determining a fair tax rate that should apply to large land use (agricultural) as to residential rates (suburban).  May need some kind of commitment to protecting green belt/agriculture land or over time this activity would be squeezed out by tax rate if it is not variable.

- We need to watch for and assess the life cycle and social cost of development that are too often ignored at the expense of society and future generations who pay the cost of destruction and pollution.

- Strategically include most of at least one electoral district – one MLA

-  Cost of feasibility study – who pays? How long to conduct?

- Would like to see more info in feasibility study that would address young families in the Carlisle Rd. area and make them realize the benefits ie. Playgrounds, rec building etc.

- Thank you

-  Thank you so much for all your work and efforts to date. Perhaps the Finn Report could be posted and background commentary included.

- We just purchased our property and one of the main reasons we purchased           the property we did, is that we wanted to get away from all the bureaucracy of living in a municipality.  It was bad enough jumping through hoops that a  LSD has top settle into our new property.  It would have been worse I am sure if it was a rural community.

- To give younger the work, retire earlier. Make green energy; ethanol, wind, sun, thermal fission.

- Dept. of Local Gov’t Rep. said tax rate should not increase by more than 2%.  Doesn’t  this depend on how much scope the YRC council undertakes?

- If YRC becomes a reality, communication to all residents will be very important.

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