Thursday, 27 April 2017

Consultation with Residents of Bright LSD
YRC Project Meeting at Green Hill Lake Camp - Round 1 Public Consultation 

The third meeting of Round 1 Public Consultations for the YRC Project feasibility study took place at Green Hill Lake Camp on August 25, 2017.  John-Michael McPhee, the chair of the Bright Local Service District Advisory Committee and a member of the YRC Project steering committee executive made the presentation.  There was an engaged group of residents at the session and the discussion covered a broad range of topics about the pros and cons of changing from a LSD model of local services delivery to a RC model of local services delivery.  The main take away from the meeting was an understanding of the need to make sure there is value for every tax dollar spent in our Project area.      

Monday, 24 April 2017

"We need to attract and keep young families..."

We need to attract and then keep young families in all of our communities here in Kingsclear Local Service District.  These new residents, when searching to  locate in communities, are looking for places which are progressive and that have safe and enjoyable recreational facilities for their children.   

At present KLSD does not have a school and our recreational facilities are minimal.  This is not because we have not had dedicated volunteers who have made great efforts in the past to build and maintain the community park in Upper Kingsclear.  But there is no longer a Recreation Council to manage that park and without having such a resources and/or a staff (volunteer or paid through grants) to promote the maintenance and development of this facility or any new facilities we will struggle to attract new residents to contribute to our community. Depending on volunteers to do this is proving difficult.  Currently, KLSD is the only partner of the YRC Project that has had a decline in population since 2011.

Roger Cyr - Upper Kingsclear

Saturday, 22 April 2017

YRC Round 1 Public Consultation Meetings Continue This Week at Green Hill Lake in Bright Local Service District

REMINDER - The YRC Project Steering Committee, in association with the New Brunswick Department of Environment and Local Government, is continuing with a study to determine the feasibility of forming a Rural Community to restructure the delivery of services to residents in the Local Service Districts of Kingsclear, Douglas, Bright, Keswick Ridge and in the community of Lower Queensbury. 

Over the next few months, three rounds of public information/consultation meetings have been scheduled as part of the study.  You are invited to attend any or all of them.  The next three meetings for Round 1 Public Consultations will take place as follows, each  starting with registration at 6:30 pm and then the meetings from 7 to 9 pm:

Round 1 Meeting Location
Date (2017)
Registration 6:30 pm
Meetings 7 - 9 pm

Green Hill Lake Camp
40 Green Hill Lake Road,
Bright, NB
April 25
Keswick Valley Recreation  Centre 
1262 Route 104, Burtts Corner, NB
May 2
Mactaquac Provincial Park Lodge
1265 Route 105
Mactaquac, NB
May 9

At these first meetings you will learn how the feasibility study will be done, what becoming a rural community is all about (pros and cons) and how feedback from residents in the partnering LSDs will be gathered.  The presentation will be the same at each meeting so pick whichever one is best for you to attend.  The opinions, concerns, suggestions and comments of all Project area residents are very important to the study.  Please participate.  

Green Hill Lake Camp

Crabbe Mountain is in Bright Local Service District.

Friday, 21 April 2017

The Keswick Islands as viewed from Island View
"It's An Important Conversation For Us To Have With Our Neighbours..."

My name is Katelynn Everett and I live in the Kingsclear LSD.  I’m an import to the area but my husband’s family has been farming here for over 200 years.

I must admit that I’m far more interested in the idea of rural communities (and specifically the York Rural Community) than I expected I would be.  It’s an important conversation for us to have with our neighbours, especially in the context of New Brunswick’s current struggles.  How we got to our current state is complicated, but ultimately, selfishness is a driving factor.  So often, we focus on what’s best for us as individuals without considering the impact it has on us as a community.   A rural community is a "greater good" approach to solving this problem.  By joining together with neighbouring areas, we can combine our resources and work together toward a community that will serve us all. 

I travel throughout New Brunswick frequently for work.  We have a beautiful, diverse province and I’m proud to be a New Brunswicker.  I see the York Rural Community and other rural community projects as an opportunity to preserve the best our province has to offer, while creating an environment of togetherness and community in which my future children may thrive. 

Categories of Property Tax in LSDs 

Current Property Tax in Local Service Districts (LSDs) 

Under the current property tax structure in New Brunswick, properties located in LSDs are taxed in the following manner: 

Owner-occupied residential properties (homes) located in LSDs are subject to a special provincial levy of $0.6315 per $100 of assessment. This rate is applied to help cover the cost of local services, such as policing and roads that are provided by the Province in these communities. Just like cities, towns and villages, owner-occupied residential properties (homes) in LSDs are eligible for a provincial tax credit, known as the Provincial Residential Property Tax Credit, and have a provincial property tax rate of zero. 

Non-owner-occupied residential properties (apartments, cottages, second homes and farm land) are subject to a provincial property tax rate of $1.4573 per $100 of assessment. 

Residential property types described above (both owner-occupied and non-owner occupied) are also subject to local property tax rates. Local property tax rates are established to finance local services, such as fire protection, and solid waste collection and disposal. 

Non-residential properties (businesses) are currently taxed at a provincial property tax rate of $2.1860 per $100 of assessment. 
Local non-residential property tax rates also apply and are fixed at 1.5 times the corresponding residential rate. The total tax that business properties pay in LSDs is roughly 2.9 times the total property tax that owner-occupied properties in LSDs pay.

Improving New Brunswick’s property tax system: A white paper Published in 2012 by: NB Department of Finance

Green Hill Lake in Bright LSD