Sunday, 24 September 2017

Take a Look at the Proposed YRC - What is Your Perspective?

Everett's Farm - Island View (where you are invited to attend a YRC Project Open House on September 25 from 7 - 9 pm)

When looking at something from a different perspective it can be  difficult to recognise it. The communities of Mactaquac, Keswick Ridge, Burtts Corner, Douglas, and Carlisle Road are captured within the picture frames set up here in Island View, but a step back reveals we are all part of the same gallery.

Lee Everett
Elections NB Announcement 
YRC Plebiscite Has Been Published 

"The Question" 

Elections NB has published the YRC Plebiscite details (see below) including the official question that will be on the ballot.  

Each voter in the Project area will receive a voter card in the mail.  That card will have information on it about polling stations.  It will also have the wording of the official question on it for voters to think about before they go to the polls.  The official question is:

"Are you in favour of the establishment of the local service districts of Keswick Ridge, Douglas, Bright, a portion of the local service district of Kingsclear, and a portion of the local service district of Queensbury as a rural community?"   
Yes   No  

The official plebiscite question was prepared by the Department of Environment and Local Government.  

Saturday, 23 September 2017

YRC Information Sessions

- Open House at Upper Keswick Recreation Centre - 

YRC Project volunteers participated in the Upper Keswick Recreation Council breakfast this morning and again this afternoon at the Council's Keswick Comes Together event.  The goal was to provide information to residents who attended these events about the proposed structure and costs of YRC.  Thanks to the local organizers for their hospitality!  


Friday, 22 September 2017

YRC Project Information Session
- Open House at Green Hill Lake Camp -

There was a YRC Project Open House at Green Hill Lake Camp last night.  Residents from nearby were able to get their questions answered by Project volunteers.  There were also students there from St. Thomas University.  They are studying community engagement this term and took the opportunity to talk to residents and to members of the Project team about the whole idea of restructuring the delivery of local services.

The YRC Project volunteers would like to thank Green Hill Lake Camp for opening up their meeting space for this event.  Excellent location, especially with the sunset over the Lake as a backdrop!

Please participate in one or more of the other Information Sessions for the YRC Project.  The schedule is on the project website.

YRC Project Open House at Green Hill Lake Camp

Information Meetings for YRC - Please Participate!

Volunteers from the YRC Project team are hosting information sessions all around the Project area in the next few weeks.  Please check the website for times and locations.  Each meeting is advertised on the Project Facebook too.  Or you can scroll down to see a recent post about the meeting schedule on this Project Blog.  

Please participate so that you can make an informed decision when you vote on October 23, 2017.  

YRC Project volunteers preparing for the Open House at the North Cardigan United Church.

Signs for YRC Plebiscite 
- A Reminder to Vote - 

The YRC Project volunteers are putting information signs up around the Project area.  They have the dates for the upcoming YRC Plebiscite (vote) on them.  Project funding (from GNB) covered the sign costs but, as has been the case since the start of the Project, volunteers are the ones doing the work of getting them installed.  Please keep in mind that they are there to remind you to vote on October 23, 2017.